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  • Brand Name: Hongwang
  • Model Number: 201 304 316 430
  • Application: decoration and fabrication
  • Technique: cold rolled
  • Length: 2000/2438/2500/3000/3048 mm/Customized
  • Width: 1000/1219/1250/1500 mm/Customized
  • Certification: ISO
  • PVC: black-white film/laser film/poli film
  • Customized: available
  • Standard: JIS, AISI, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN
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    With the improvement of people's living standard, a lot of friends also pay more attention to quality when decorating.
    And stainless steel mirror plate has become a lot of young people when decorating the choice of stainless steel decorative plate of first selection, but, a lot of people to stainless steel mirror plate is not very understanding, how should we distinguish the stand or fall of stainless steel mirror plate?
    1. Stainless steel mirror plate surface can not have scratch lines.
    This is a key point that directly affects the quality of stainless steel mirror plate. If there are scratches on stainless steel raw material 2B plate, slight scratches can be eliminated in the process of grinding the mirror (8K). Deep scratches cannot be eliminated.
    If the scratch is left after grinding the mirror, there is no way to eliminate, in general, the new left scratch, is in the process of operation workers do not pay attention to the operation process and caused by, the scratch line is new and the scratch surface comparison of the sharp, and the scratches on the plate after grinding the mirror comparison of the smooth.
    2. No trachoma on the surface of stainless steel mirror plate;
    Trachoma is in the mirror plate can be seen by the naked eye hole, this is also a very key point, trachoma and the raw material plate has a great relationship.
    3. Stainless steel mirror plate can not have grinding head print, grinding head print is round and round, is the 8K machine grinding head and the panel did not contact the good impression left.
    4 stainless steel mirror plate can not have roller printing, this is 8K machine roller left, is a row of row of wheel printing.

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    Q1.About us,the relation between factory,manufacture or trader?
    A1. Hongwang group is a professional production of coldrolled stainless steel conglomerate , with professional production of stainless steel experience and our own factory nearly 12 years,where has more than 1,000 professional and technical workers. we are the foreign trade department of Hongwang. All our goods are dispatched directly from Hongwang mill.

    Q2.What are Hongwang’s main products?
    A2.Hongwang’s main products include 201/304 stainless steel coil and sheets,all different styles of etched and embossed,surface finished will be customized.
    Q3.How can you ensure the quality of your product?
    A3.All products have to go through three checks in the whole manufacturing process,it includes production,cutting sheets and the packing.
    Q4.What is your delivery time and the supply ability?
    A4.The delivery time normally within 15~20working days,we can supply about 15,000tons every month.
    Q5.What kind of equipment in your factory?
    A5.Our factory have advanced five-eighth roller rolling,cold rolling production equipment on the roll,advanced processing and testing equipment,which makes our product better quality with efficiency.
    Q6.About the complaint,quality problem,etc aftersales service,how do you handle it?
    A6.We will have certain colleague to follow our order accordingly for each order with professional after-sales service. If any claim happen, we will take our responsibility and compensate as per contract. For better serve our client, we’ll keep tracing feedback of our products from clients and that’s what make us different from other suppliers. We’re customer care enterprise.
    Q7.As the first customer,how do we trust you?
    A7.On the top of page,you can see a line of credit with $228,000.
    It provides our company with higher degrees of credibility in the alibaba.We can guarantee the safety of your order.


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